Army Basic Training Workout


The Army basic training workout prepares new recruits for the physical endurance and fitness necessary to serve in the military. Trainees participating in the Army basic training course, also referred to as boot camp, are pushed to the limits both emotionally and mentally during the program.
The Army basic training program is also popular with nonmilitary fitness buffs. Cardio exercises, endurance and increasing muscle mass are all integral aspects of the program.

Army Basic Training Workout Program

  • Army recruits endure a 9-week basic training workout program, along with a host of additional courses and skills training. Nutritional improvement programs accompany the physical training drills. Flexibility and body composition exercises and training requirements are also part of the Army basic training workout. The physical fitness training guide is 118 pages in length, and can be downloaded without charge from
    The cardio workout focuses on increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients into the muscles, and elimination of wastes from cells in the body. Army recruits' heart rates are also monitored during training. Reaching the target heart rate for each recruit is a major component in reaching the training goals and improved endurance. A heart rate between 50 to 85 percent is necessary for passage of the training course and for maximum health benefit.

Conditioning Requirements and Exercises

  • A minimum of 45 minutes per day must be dedicated to the prephysical training program in order to be prepared for boot camp. The Army guide also encourages drinking 13 to 20 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to exercising.
    Army basic training programs begin with conditioning of muscular endurance and moderate cardio-respiratory workouts. This aspect of training routinely takes 4 weeks to complete. Army recruiters guide prospective recruits on their pre-basic training exercise activities and goals. Preparedness for boot camp both physically and mentally aids in successful training.
    A maintenance stage of the basic training workout increases the cardio workout and muscle endurance of recruits or nonmilitary boot camp fitness class participants.
    Army basic training workout conditioning exercises include all of the following: forward lunges, bent left body twist, squats, windmills, forward lunges, rear lunges, the rower, prone rows, verticals, laterals and shuttle sprints.

Army Basic Training Nutrition Guide

  • A sustained running section of the training includes male recruits accomplishing a 1-mile time of eight minutes and 30 seconds or faster during the initial phases of training. A female recruit will have to accomplish a beginning time of at least 10 minutes or greater. A final run time of at least 7 minutes for males, and 8 minutes and 31 seconds for females is required for passing the basic training course.
    A nutritional guide is included with the program download. The guide recommends eating a diet high in protein and carbohydrates, along with vitamins, fiber and some fat. Whole grain products such as brown rice and oatmeal are staples of the provided nutritional menus.
    A suggested three to five servings of day of vegetables provides minerals, fiber, carbohydrates and some protein. Eating dark green, red and yellow vegetables are strongly recommended for increased endurance. The Army nutritional guides also suggest at least two servings of fruit per day. Citrus friuts, strawberries, blueberries and peaches are suggested for daily intake.

Menu Planning for Army Boot Camp

  • Dairy products are encouraged to maintain a healthy level of calcium in the body during training. Nonfat milk, cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt and reduced fat cheese are suggested menu items. A reduced amount of cream, butter and sweets are also strongly encouraged.
    The Army basic training nutritional guide also requires that a minimum of two-thirds of each meal consists of grains, vegetables and fruits. Only one-third of each meal should contain lean or low-fat protein from either a meat or dairy source.


Vitamins and Nutrients for Trainees

  • A daily multi-vitamin is also required for health purposes during the Army basic training workout program. An adult male should take a vitamin with a maximum of 10 milligrams of iron. An adult female should increase the iron intake to include a supplement containing 18 milligrams of iron, and folic acid as well.

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