Who Invented the Ink Tag Security for Clothing?


Almost everything you ever wanted to know about tag security devices. Who did invent the ink tag security device? This is brief history of tag security devices for clothing and merchant items. The purpose is to hinder theft, yet where there is a will there is a way.


Stuart T. Seidel of Florida is the patented inventor of the ink tag security device for clothing. The purpose of the ink tag security device is to prevent theft with the idea that if you attempt to remove the tag the staining agent such as ink is released on to the piece of clothing making it useless. Mr. Seidel’s patent information can be found at Patent Storm. There are references to previous patents for similar devices; each one is composed of two parts, the base and the lock. What makes this particular ink tag distinguishable from the rest and practical is the light weight, low cost of manufacturing. None offer the ink release as a security feature.


The earliest patent researchable on the web dates to 1976 when an electronic mechanism was created as a deterrent to theft. Electronic devices operate on a radio control frequency; these devices give and send electronic signals. When there is an attempt to remove the items, the device communicates with a base unit sending out the alarm. With the ink tag security system the only deterrent is the release of ink when the tag is tampered with; it is not electronic and does not prevent the item from being removed from the store.


Security devices come in a range of sizes beginning with those that are smaller than a paper clip to pager sizes. Anti-theft devices are continuously created as are the ways to defeat them. Ink tag security devices and the electronic versions are no exception. The electronic devices first created were fairly large; fitting in the palm of the hand now as technology advances the size has decreased.


At the time of purchase the clerk has a device that will easily remove the security device. Theoretically the customer cannot remove the device making it less likely to be stolen. If you purchase an item and later find that it did not get removed you should return to the store with your receipt and ask them to remove the device. Another way to render the tags useless is the use of magnetic tape placed over the device, thus making them useless as a deterrent to theft. With the use of the ink tag security system created by Stuart Seidel, the tag is devised to release ink onto the article. The risk of ruining the item is the deterrent.


If you are considering stealing an object be forewarned not all devices are visible. With the advancement in technology ink tag security devices are not the only ones to be wary of. Have you ever purchased a cd, DVD, or video device? When you get it home and open the package that little weird looking rectangle that does not seem to belong is an anti-theft device.

However, if you have to remove an ink tag security device then proceed with caution. Once the ink or other staining agent is released, the stain may be permanent. The popular stain removers may not be effective in removing the stain. You will want to take the time to return to the store where you purchased the item and have them remove the tag.

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