Natural Cures for Female Itching

Female itching can be caused by a number of thing, such as a yeast infection, menopause, vaginitis and a reaction to products that contain irritating chemicals. Aside from the antifungal medications and creams that a doctor may recommend, there are a number of natural cures that can be effective in treating female itching.

  1. Probiotics

    • Probiotics are dietary supplements that contain live microorganisms of healthy bacteria and yeasts. Probiotics act to suppress the development and overgrowth of damaging yeast. The supplement Lactobacillus acidophilus is an example and is available in oral capsules. Probiotics are also available in other forms, such as tablets and powders. Certain varieties of foods contain probiotics and can be ingested to relieve symptoms of female itching. Yogurt, milk, soy drinks, miso, tempeh and a number of juices are sources of probiotics.

    Herbal Remedies

    • There is also a range of herbs that can be of use. Oregon grape root extract, Goldenseal, lavender extract and tea tree oil are examples. Boric acid and garlic can also play an invaluable role when it comes to treating vaginal itching. These herbs come in an assortment of forms and can be purchased at vitamin stores, health food stores, some local markets and through the web. Drinking cranberry juice, buttermilk, thyme tea and adding apple cider vinegar to your yogurt are also natural options that can promote relief from vaginal itching. Buttermilk can also be applied topically to the vaginal area to relieve itching. Along the same lines, rosemary tea can be applied to the area for relief.


    • Hygiene plays a big role when it comes to vaginal itching and irritation. It's important to be aware of the products that are used to cleanse the vaginal area. Soaps, body washes, bubble baths, bath salts, sprays and perfumes (especially scented ones) can contain harsh chemicals that may aggravate the vaginal area. Using gentle products such as Cetaphil are a good idea.
      In many cases, vaginal itching and irritation can be prevented by following a few guidelines. Keeping the vaginal area clean and dry are key. Since yeast organisms thrive in temperate, moist environments that lack oxygen, keeping them from these environments are key. You can do so by making sure the vaginal area is patted completely dry after bathing or showering and not leaving on any damp or wet undergarments (such as bathing suit bottoms).


    • Additionally, it's important to ensure that the undergarments you wear provide a sufficient amount of room and ventilation for the vaginal area to breathe. Undergarments made from 100 percent cotton are the best, and when wearing nylons, opt for ones with a built-in cotton-lined panty. Also be mindful of how you clean the vaginal area after going to the bathroom; be sure that you're wiping from the front to the rear, or else bacteria can be transferred and spread.


    • In order to relieve vaginal itching the following should be kept in mind, as they can also act as preventive measures. When it comes to menstruating, use panty liners as opposed to tampons and it's also wise to try to avoid sexual intercourse if you're experiencing severe vaginal itching, or make certain a condom is used so that the bacteria is not passed on. Try to avoid taking antibiotics recurrently or for extended periods of time, as they can rid the body of its healthy yeast. Avoid excessive douching; studies illustrate women who douche frequently are more susceptible to yeast infections because the pH balance of their vagina gets altered; the vagina is able to clean itself. Talk to your health care provider prior to douching or using any other vaginal cleansing methods. Finally, maintaining a healthy diet regimen and overall body weight are important.

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