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In order to burn fat and gain a stronger and smoother physique, you must build muscle mass. Everyone can benefit from some type of strength training, and that doesn't mean that you have to spend countless hours at the gym. A little goes a long way when increasing muscle mass and building a healthier new you.


  • Muscle mass refers to the density of the smooth, skeletal and cardiac muscle that is found within your body. Each of the three muscle groups work much more efficiently when they are conditioned during strength training workouts which make them stronger, more elastic and better able to fight your bodies desire to store fat.


  • Muscles are broken down into two categories: Type I fibers and Type II fibers. Type I fiber muscles are the muscles that help to keep you moving through your workout routine. These slow twitch muscles are abundant with powerfully, oxygenated blood vessels that help to maintain stamina. Type II muscle fibers are the bulging muscles that shape your physique. These muscles are the fast twitch muscles that can endure short, but intense weight training exercises.


  • Building muscle can define your body and help to minimize the risk of injuries that can be suffered during the aging process. Just a small amount of weight training and strength building exercises incorporated into a workout routine can build muscle mass, bone mass and create flexibility in the tendons and ligaments. The more muscle mass that you gain, increases your metabolism and helps you burn more fat; reducing your risk of osteoporosis and sarcopenia, a degenerative disease that reduces muscle strength and mass.


  • Thirty to 40 minutes of weight training per week is enough to help increase muscle mass and reshape your body. Starting slowly and gradually working your way up to a heavier set of weights is the safest and most ideal way to build muscle. And since muscle is capable of growing during rest, choosing a different muscle group, at least three days a week, and allowing for a day of rest in between each, is highly suggested.


  • Forget what you have heard about muscle weighing more than fat. It doesn't. What is true about muscle, is that it is denser than fat. Muscle is firmer and tighter, as opposed to fat which is loose and lumpy. So it stands to reason that the more muscle you have, the trimmer and smoother you will look, no matter how much you weigh.

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