About Prescription Snorkel Goggles

There's a whole other world underwater that snorkelers love to explore, but only if they can see it. For millions of people who rely on corrective lenses, prescription snorkel goggles make snorkeling and scuba diving enjoyable.

  1. Function

    • If you need glasses to see and you enjoy water sports, snorkel goggles with prescription lenses will help you see under water. They are regular goggles, fitted with special lenses.


    • Just like you can buy magnifying reading glasses from the drug store without a prescription, you can buy magnifying snorkel goggles without a prescription. They come in a select number of strengths at scuba and snorkel gear retailers.
      Snorkel goggles customized for your eyesight require a visit to an optician specializing in customized sports goggles. If you already have a prescription, the mask can be delivered to the optician with your pupil center marked on them. Some opticians take orders online. It usually takes seven to 14 days to receive your goggles. Prescription lens inserts can be added to regular snorkel goggles as an alternative to creating custom goggles.


    • Some snorkel goggles offer a panoramic view, leaving the sides open for wider peripheral viewing. Prescription lenses are bonded to the face of the snorkel goggles frame with a clear, permanent adhesive. Like all sports goggles, the amount of ruggedness depends on the construction of the frame and how it is joined to the lenses.

      Prescription lenses come in glass or plastic. Tempered glass is required for the high pressure of deep water snorkeling and diving. Snorkel goggle frames are made of metal or hard plastic with rubber fittings that create a snug bonding to the face. As with all snorkel or scuba equipment, a lightweight mask is preferable. Ask the optician about the differences in weight of prescription lenses vs. non-prescription lenses.

      Prescription lenses are usually priced separately from goggles, the same way eyeglass frames are priced separately from eyeglass lenses. Additional fees are charged for very powerful lenses.

      Some lenses offer special tints that alter colors viewed underwater to make them look more natural. Tinting is usually optional and is not available from all lens manufacturers.


    • There are several well-known brand names of snorkel masks. Some opticians that specialize in snorkel lenses limit the brand or type of mask they fit lenses to. Check with the optician before selecting a mask.


    • Since prescription goggles are customized, they can be created in many different sizes including kids' sizes.


    • While prescription snorkel goggles are made to improve your vision, they won't help you see perfectly. The lenses are measured in diopters in .5-meter increments. Negative diopters indicate nearsightedness, positive numbers indicate farsightedness, and zero is neither. Regular eyeglasses have more precise measurements in .25-meter increments.

      The shape and fit of the mask impact the distance between the lens and your eyes. This distance impacts the degree to which the lens corrects vision. An optician will use the fit of the mask to determine the correct measurements for the lenses.
      Images underwater are distorted by water pressure and wave motions. Larger corrective lenses create additional distortions.
      Prescription snorkel goggle services depend on the optician. There may be an extra charge for bifocals or lenses that accommodate an astigmatism.


    • Prescription snorkel goggles usually offer a limited warranty.

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