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When most people think about lasers and hair growth, they think of stopping growth with lasers. However, lasers can actually be used to promote hair growth as well.In fact, laser hair regrowth can actually benefit people who are not candidates for other types of hair renewal options because of genetic conditions.


Laser hair regrowth is designed to help damaged hair follicles that have stopped creating hair to heal. The laser light actually can be used to promote healing in a variety of topical ways. That's why these treatments are also sometimes used in anti-aging treatments and scar treatments. The laser lights used are usually visible red lights that pulse periodically to stimulate the most cellular healing.


Laser hair regrowth usually takes multiple visits. If you do not continue treatments, then the healing effects of the laser light may wear off, and you can begin to notice thinning again. Some types of stimulation actually require targeting individual follicles, which can be more time consuming. Most types simply expose the area in question to all-over laser light. Generally, laser hair regrowth procedures are conducted at private clinics. Many spas provide these treatments as do cosmetic surgeons. Because this procedure is seldom covered by insurance, few medical doctors or hospitals provide it.


If you are considering laser hair regrowth treatments, be sure to have realistic expectations. Laser hair regrowth is almost always a temporary solution, although it can work for several years if you start in on the problem areas early. In some cases, it can bring hair loss to a standstill. However, laser hair regrowth usually works best in areas that have not already completely stopped producing hair. If you are already completely bald, you may have trouble with this treatment.


The laser light stimulates blood flow and the absorption of energy in the area that is being treated. Generally, the treatment will be used on the scalp. With increased blood flow and energy, your hair follicles that may have stopped producing hair due to damage or other external effects may heal and begin growing hair again. There are seldom any negative side effects to laser hair regrowth. The worst thing that might happen is that the hair simply does not respond to the treatment. In rare cases, your skin may become a bit dry or chafed from the laser headpiece, but this is not due to the lasers in most cases. It's due to irritation from the headpiece itself.

Time Frame

Because laser hair regrowth is a "soft" laser treatment (which means that there is no actual penetration of the surface of the skin), it does not take very long. You will sit for a period of time ranging from 10 to 30 minutes under a dome lined with flashing laser lights. Once you are done, you simply remove the cap and leave. If you wish to supplement your treatments at home, you can purchase a laser comb that will allow you to administer your own therapy by simply combing the apparatus through your hair.

You will sit in this type of chair under the lighted dome for in-office laser hair regrowth.
You will sit in this type of chair under the lighted dome for in-office laser hair regrowth.


There are some significant advantages to laser hair regrowth. For example, it is much less time consuming and exponentially less painful than other restoration options like hair grafts or transplants. It is also relatively inexpensive, with one treatment costing under one hundred dollars. However, remember that you will need multiple treatments each year to retain results.

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