Plastic Bag Holder Patterns


An environmentally responsible business needs to promote reduction of materials used and recycling. A major problem is the plastic shopping bag. The ones that survive the shopping trip without tearing can be reused, but no one wants piles of these unattractive materials taking up space, so it's time to make some plastic bag holder patterns.


The plastic bag holder will reduce the space needed for storing them. The holder can be hung in an area where purchases are commonly removed from the bags. A bag holder can also be stored in the area where you will reuse them frequently. The bags work well in small waste baskets and for cleaning or project refuse. If the bag holder is in a highly visible area, you will want to make a pattern for an attractive holder. A bag holder that is hidden away in a closet or in the basement should be made to be functional more than attractive or artsy. You can use a basic pattern to style most of your plastic bags from. The pattern is a simple 12-by-27 inch rectangle. Pin the rectangle together on the wrong side and sew together on the length to create a tube. Make a 1/2-inch hem at each end. Sew either a drawstring or a 6-inch piece of elastic in the bottom end of the tube. Make a handle with a 12- to 15-inch-long piece of cloth and sew it to the top. This can be a base for more elaborate and decorative holders.


Plastic bag holders can be made in a variety of materials. Craft them from plastic canvas, cloth, canvas, heavy-duty cardboard or recyclable materials. You can also make wall decorations that fit your kitchen theme. They can be made with apple cloth, country style burlap bag, dolls, kitchen witch, cow pattern, rooster toweling , kitty, dog or pig. Take an entire sheet of plastic canvas and needlepoint any design you wish to use onto the entire thing. Form it into a tube and stitch the sides together to complete the tube shape. Place one of the cloth tubes from the pattern mentioned above inside the plastic canvas tube and sew it to the top and bottom edge of the canvas.


Make plastic bag holders from dish towels. Sew two together on three sides, leaving the bottom open. Sew scrap cloth in a 27-inch-long tube. Hem over elastic or a drawstring for bottom of holder to keep the bags from falling out. Patterns for children's dresses and clothing make good patterns for bag holders. They can be worn on a soft rag doll or outgrown yet still loved doll that is placed over the tube with the bag storage.


Save a couple of empty tissue boxes and cover them with contact paper that matches the decor or a holiday theme. These simple storage boxes can be kept in any room near a small wastebasket that will need to be changed out. Save a wide gift wrap tube and cut it to a length that you like for plastic bag storage. Cover it with contact paper or crochet a tube to cover it. Hang it in a closet or pantry. Don't discard that tiny outgrown dress. Turn it into a storage container that can be hung for display. Sew the bottom closed leaving a space to pull the bags through as needed. Keep the pant legs from jeans when you cut them off for shorts. Turn the leg into bag storage. Sew a draw string into one end and a hanging cord at the other end. Remove the stuffing from a stuffed toy and sew a hanger on to it. The bags can be inserted into the belly area for storage. The ultimate storage for plastic grocery bags is a storage bag crocheted from them. Cut several bags into 1- to 2-inch-wide strips. Tie the strips together, knotting to secure. Crochet a 28-inch chain then turn and double crochet in of the stitches. When you get to the end of the row turn, chain 2 and double crochet in each stitch back across the row again. Continue until you have a rectangle that is 12 inches wide. Form a tube and crochet to join with slip stitches down the length. Single crochet a hanger. Use strips of bags to weave into the top and bottom ends for drawstrings. All of these items can be decorated with fabric, paint pens or adhesive cut outs.


Patterns for plastic bag holders are very easy to adapt to any decoration you choose. You can crochet or knit a 28-by-18 inch rectangle to form into a tube for bag storage. Sew or crochet the sides and thread a crocheted drawstring through each end. You can use leftover pieces of yarn, cloth and decorative pieces like shaped buttons, iron on patches and other craft supplies to make your shopping bag holders. Your holders can be plain and utilitarian or decorative conversation pieces in every room of the house. They can hang from closet or curtain rods, plant hangers or doorknobs. Plastic bag holder are an attractive way to store these ever increasing bags away.

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