What Causes Blood in the Sperm?


Blood in sperm can be a huge concern, especially to those that have experienced it. The presence of blood in sperm is called hematospermia. Whenever you see blood in the sperm, it is advised that a physician be consulted in order to rule out any major medical conditions.

Identifying Factors

If you have had an injury to the prostate area, you can probably expect to see blood in your sperm. A broken blood vessel will also cause blood in sperm, as can an infection. Blood will also be present in sperm after a biopsy. A vasectomy is another cause for blood to be present in sperm. Sometimes during masturbation a capillary can burst inside the penis and cause a bloody discharge with the expulsion of sperm.


Blood in the sperm does not directly affect sperm count, but it might be a sign of infection that might spread the infection to the unborn child. A doctor should screen you if you have bleeding before trying to conceive a child. Some men have reported blood in sperm, but have not complained of pain.

Whom Does It Affect?

It happens to some men after the age of puberty, the majority of the bleeding episodes happen between the ages of 30 and 40. Around the age of 50, the prostrate begins to enlarge. Most men who have had trouble with blood in their sperm will more than likely experience a repeat episode later on in life. Any man that has had blunt force to the reproductive area is at risk for blood in sperm, or any male that is in sports or has been in a car accident.

When to See a Doctor

Blood in sperm can be a very frightening thing. You should see a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms. Tenderness in the scrotum, discomfort with bowel movements, lower back pain, blood in urine, fever or chills, and pain with ejaculation. If you suspect that it could be a sexually transmitted disease, you should see your doctor immediately to keep the disease from spreading to anyone else. Blood in sperm can appear without threat of anything serious, it usually clears up on its own without treatment, and does not carry a risk of any type to your sexual partner.


When there is blood in sperm, there is no need for treatment; it will usually clear up on its own. However, if there is pain along with signs of blood, depending on the causes of the injury, treatment may be bed rest for a period. Major injuries may require surgery, or if there is a cancerous tumor, that will require radiation, or chemotherapy treatment. If the bleeding is a result of an infection, it can be treated with antibiotics.

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