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About Car DVD Players

Car DVD players can be helpful if you're traveling long distances with children. Since their first appearance in the consumer market, car DVD players have greatly improved. There are many varieties on the market. Some are built in vehicles and some are portable and can be used in a variety of situations. Read on to find out more about car "Digital Versatile Disc" or "Digital Video Disc" (DVD) players.

  1. History

    • DVDs were first developed in 1993 but didn't appear in the commercial U.S. market until 1997 (1996 in Japan). Sony and Philips worked on one format of video disc, and Toshiba and Matsushita worked on another. After a few years of development, Sony and Philips abandoned their projects, but the Toshiba and Matsushita version became the industry standard.


    • Car DVD players are changing the way people travel. Many parents use car DVD players to keep their children happy on long car trips, but increasingly, they are used for around-town trips. This type of usage has parenting experts concerned that children are exposed to electronic screens in all aspects of their lives, leaving them very little time for socialization.

    Time Frame

    • The market for car DVD players has exploded in recent years. The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that U.S. consumers spent $110 billion dollars on car electronics in 2007. Much of this increase in sales is attributed to the lower costs of items such as car DVD players.


    • There are three main types of car DVD players: flip-down, headrest and portable.
      Flip-down car DVD players have a monitor that flips down out of the ceiling of the car so it can be out of the way when not in use. Monitor sizes for flip-down car DVD players range between 6 to 20 inches. Flip-down car DVD players are often installed in the factory before a vehicle is sold, but you can certainly add a flip-down DVD player to a vehicle at any time.
      Headrest car DVD players fit onto the back of the front-seat headrests. The size of the monitor is, of course, limited to the size of the headrest. The largest monitors of this variety are about 10 inches, but some of them have swivel options, which allows passengers to see the screen better.
      Portable car DVD players are either held on passengers' laps or strapped over the backs of the front seats. The advantage of portable car DVD players is that they can be used in other places besides the car. They can be taken on airplanes and used with headphones or anywhere else where you want to watch a video.


    • If you plan on installing your car DVD players yourself, make sure you carefully read the instructions. If you get generalized instructions from the Internet or some other source, be aware that there are vast differences between system installations.

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