About Car Window Cracks


Car window repairs and replacements can get expensive. There are ways to fix minor car window cracks without hiring a professional. You must have the basic understanding and steps in order to perform these do-it-yourself window crack fixes.


  • There are two major types of cracks: repairable and irreparable cracks. Some examples of the repairable cracks are bullseye, half moon, star break and combination. Both the bullseye and half moon cracks should not be larger than a quarter coins, while the star break and combination should not be larger than a credit card. Irreparable cracks are those measuring larger than 24 inches in size. It is not advisable to repair multiple cracks on a single glass surface or car windows with deep cracks that appear like gaping holes. It is preferable replace them instead.


  • Smaller car window cracks are easier to repair than bigger ones. You can repair as small as a pinch-sized crack to as big as a golf ball-sized crack. Another way to measure is anything that does not appear larger than a credit card. Therefore, if you place a credit card on top of the cracked portion of the window and you still see portions of the crack still showing, then you would need to replace the entire window.


  • It is not safe to continue to drive the car with a hole in it. Doing so will allow more wind pressure to be in contact with the crack lines, which can make the crack bigger. The repair expenses will add up while you wait longer to repair the issues. One push of a strong wind that is traveling head on can break the window completely which can collapse inwards and may harm the driver and the passenger. Water can get through cracked windows.


  • Purchase car window kits from automotive parts stores such as PepBoys and Auto Zone for small cracks. Some department stores that sell auto parts carry these kits. The repair kits contain a bridge, piston, a tube of resin, plastic film and a small blade. Clean the surface of the crack and then create a bullseye by using a fine-drill tool. Then insert the resin through the piston of the bridge. Suction the piston over the break on the glass, and then apply the resin slowly.
    You then wait for it to set under the sun or using a blue UV light in case you are in your garage. After drying, you then remove the bridge and piston, and then apply a bead of resin on the crack. Put a film over the resin, making sure there are no air bubbles. Then once it dries, remove the plastic resin and use a blade to scrape off the excess resin.


  • The common misconception about cracks on car window or windshield is that they always need replacement. As previously mentioned, you can repair small cracks using repair kits. Another common wrong notion is that a very small crack is not dangerous. This misconception can turn very costly in terms of car repair costs as well as medical expenses incurred when the windshield breaks hurting the people inside the car.

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