The Best Time to Take Lexapro


Lexapro is a medication that is used to treat several psychological disorders, including depression and anxiety. It's important to read and follow the prescription instructions when taking this medication.


  • Lexapro is the trade name for the generic drug Escitalopram Oxalate. It is classified as an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.) Lexapro is available in a 5mg oral solution as well as tablets in 5, 10, and 20 mgs. Lexapro does not provide immediate relief or alleviation and may take some time to reach its full level of effectiveness. Because of this, Lexapro should be taken consistently either in the morning or evening. Some people may experience different side effects from Lexapro, which play a role in the time they take the medication. For example, if they experience insomnia, they would be advised to take it in the morning so as to not interfere with their sleep cycle.


  • Prescribed dosages of Lexapro may differ from one individual to another, depending on their circumstances. The prescribing doctor may modify the dosage depending on the response and severity of condition. In order for them to gauge the medication's effectiveness, it should be taken daily at the same time. Most people take it in the morning at a scheduled time so that their system gets used to it.


  • Make sure to take the exact dosage that you are prescribed. If taking the oral solution, be sure to measure it accurately. It's a good idea to drink a glass of water or juice when taking the medication to help with absorption. The medication does not have to be taken with food, though some people find that doing so reduces the risk of nausea. Food will coat your stomach so the medication can go down smoother.


  • In general patients are started on a 5-10mg dosage of Lexapro. Due to the chemical makeup and nature of the drug, it may take up to several weeks before a significant change in symptoms occurs. This is why it's vital that the medication is taken consistently - the effectiveness is based on the presence of the medication in the body. You should never stop taking the medication or change your dosage without consulting your doctor.

Expert Insight

  • Additional factors such as a patient's age, composition, and reaction to Lexapro help dictate the ideal dosage. If the drug is tolerated by the patient and there's progress or alleviation in symptoms, the doctor might then choose to modify the dosage accordingly. It's important to inform your doctor and pharmacist of any other medications you are taking or preexisting conditions you have, prior to starting Lexapro. As with many drugs, severe and adverse reactions can occur. To view a list of these and possible side effects and interactions, visit the Lexapro website listed below.

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