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In most parts of the country, T-ball is a sport children play before they progress to coach-pitch baseball. Players learn the basic concepts of the sport of baseball while they play T-ball and get their first baseball experience of being part of a team. T-ball allows children to hit the ball so they can succeed while learning how to play the game.


  • T-ball is a sport that introduces the sport of baseball to young children. It is usually played by children that are between 4 and 6 years of age. It starts to teach them the basic concepts of how to be part of a team and to play with other children in an athletic event. It also introduces the basics of baseball to children as the positions in T-ball are very similar to baseball except for the pitcher and catcher positions.


  • T-ball is a sport that introduces players to hitting a baseball. Instead of having the ball thrown to the hitter by a coach or another child the ball is placed on a stationary tee. The tee can be adjusted in height to the level of each player's swing on the T-ball team so they can hit the ball effectively. Players can not strike out in T-ball, as they are allowed to swing until the player makes contact with the ball and hits it into fair territory. In T-ball, there are quite often additional defensive players on the field than in baseball, enabling everyone on a team to play in the game.


  • The dimensions of a T-ball field are significantly different than even coach-pitch baseball leagues. The distance between the bases is only 50 feet apart. The pitcher's mound is only 38 feet from home plate. Both of these distances are about 10 percent shorter than in coach-pitch leagues. In T-ball there is also a line drawn from the first base to third base line that is approximately fifteen feet from the tee the ball is hit off of. The ball is not considered in play until it passes that line. This line does not exist in coach-pitch baseball.


  • T-ball starts to introduce children to the physical fitness benefits that playing the sport of baseball offers. Players learn about running the bases and chasing the ball in the field. T-ball also introduces a child to the basic concepts of baseball in a simpler environment. This allows players to learn the basics of baseball before having to adjust to hitting a pitched ball either by a coach or by one of the players on another team.


  • Safety should be practiced in T-ball and emphasized heavily. Players must wear helmets even though a ball is not thrown for them to hit. Players must also learn that running into a player on another team in not permitted. If a player throws the bat while playing T-ball is should be explained to that player that throwing the bat is not permitted, and repeat offenses result in the batter being called out. This will help children learn the importance of safety while playing T-ball.

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