Is Nair Safe During Pregnancy?


According to the NAIR website, this hair-removal product is safe to use during pregnancy. However, pregnant women may want to seek the advice of a health care professional before using it, just to make sure it is safe for their situation. Women who have sensitive skin, or who are extra sensitive to odors, may also be unable to use NAIR during pregnancy.


  • NAIR, and similar hair-removal products, is a topical agent applied only to the skin. For this reason, most experts agree that NAIR is safe during pregnancy, since a minimal amount of chemicals may be absorbed into the mother's bloodstream and are not likely to harm the developing baby. However, some pregnant women may prefer to avoid any unnecessary chemicals such as NAIR, and use an electric shaver or epilator for hair removal instead.

Time Frame

  • Many health care professionals recommend avoiding any unnecessary chemicals during the first trimester, when the baby is undergoing significant developmental changes, and is especially vulnerable. Women who wish to be cautious may want to avoid using NAIR and similar products until the second or third trimester, when such risks have generally lessened. Baby Center expert Christina Chambers also recommends leaving NAIR on the skin for the shortest time possible, to minimize absorption into the bloodstream.


  • Many women become more sensitive to smells during pregnancy, and find that beauty products such as NAIR seem to have a stronger scent than they normally would. Some pregnant women may not be bothered by this, and others may find that such scents can bring on nausea or headaches. Many women also find that their skin is more sensitive during pregnancy, particularly around the breasts. Such women may want to avoid using NAIR around sensitive areas and may want to use NAIR products especially designed for sensitive skin.


  • Some women find that NAIR is a more convenient hair-removal method than shaving, epilating or waxing, especially during pregnancy when they may have limited time and energy. Some pregnant women also prefer the more thorough hair removal that NAIR provides, and find that they need to use it less frequently than if they shaved.


  • Although most experts and the manufacturer consider NAIR safe during pregnancy, no large studies have been done to prove its safety in pregnant women. Women who are unsure if something is safe during pregnancy should avoid using it, and check with their health care provider. Pregnant women who use NAIR should follow the directions carefully, and stop using NAIR if it irritates their skin more severely than usual.

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