Best Place to Hide in a House


When you're being pursued by a seeker, you need to find the best hiding place you can. Houses are full of good hiding places, but some are more obvious than others. The perfect hiding spot combines concealment with an out-of-the-way location. However, there are some hiding places you should always avoid.

The Classics

  • Some of the best hiding places in a house are the traditional ones. Under the bed is a classic place to hide yourself, while the space between a chair or couch and a wall can be hard to see from the center of the room. If your house has long curtains or drapes, use them to conceal yourself.

Getting Creative

  • The classics are good hiding places, but they're also the first places a seeker will look. To find the perfect hiding place in a house, you'll have to combine your knowledge of the house itself with a little creativity. Can you clamber to the top of a wardrobe or hide inside a chest? Consider moving things around a little to confuse seekers familiar with the territory, perhaps by rearranging storage boxes under a bed to create a screened space.

Hiding Safely

  • Although creativity is fun, there are some places you should never try to hide. Stay out from under rickety furniture that might collapse if someone sits on it, and never try to hide inside a refrigerator, washing machine or other appliance that might close or lock automatically. If you're hosting a game of hide and seek with young children, make sure they understand which hiding places to avoid before you begin.

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