About Dating an Aries Man


Getting involved with an Aries man can be an all-consuming experience. His adventurous, fun-loving and fiery nature has stolen the hearts of many women. Unfortunately, sometimes getting too close to Aries' fire can mean getting burned. Learning to cope with his impulses and temper will do your relationship a world of good.


  • Aries men are great conversationalists who know how to think on their feet. He will keep you entertained, which means you'll never be bored, but there might be a few occasions where his high energy will leave you feeling drained if you can't keep up. He wins women over with his confidence, charm and the promise of adventure.


  • There are many benefits to dating an Aries man. Your dates will always involve exploring new places and experiencing new things--things won't grow old too fast because he will constantly introduce new stimuli. Aries is also wildly passionate in bed, although he might not be much for cuddling afterward. An added bonus is that you can always count on him protecting and defending you in compromising situations.


  • Aries men have flaws that can make them offensive to anyone, but especially so to women. They tend to rarely think before they speak, which means that they come off as brutally honest and tactless. If your butt really does look big in that dress and you don't want to hear the truth, then don't ask. Additionally, they can be a little too argumentative and impulsive for a lot of women who crave stability. However, with a bit of craft and patience, you could teach him to chill out a bit.


  • There are many different types of Aries, each of which tends to bring out specific Aries qualities. Aries is associated with the planet Mars and therefore with war. Therefore, some Aries men are well-known for their fiery tempers, such as Martin Lawrence and Russell Crowe. Others are known for their quick wits and ability to make others laugh, like Zach Braff and Vince Vaughn. Still others are noted for their penchant for getting into trouble and being reckless, such as Robert Downey Jr.


  • To avoid conflict, tiptoe around your Aries' fiery temper. When you notice your Aries man growing impatient, argumentative or angry, do whatever you can to avoid exacerbating the situation. Realize that it might all be uncalled for, but chiding or criticizing him for it will only make things worse. It's best to let the temper subside on its own, which then often leads to his realization that he was out of line.

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