About the Benefits of L Arginine


L-arginine is an amino acid and naturally produced compound that has become a popular nutritional supplement credited with strengthening the immune system, healing injuries, protecting against heart disease and improving male sexual functions. Much of the information regarding the benefits of L-argainine are considered suggested, and the use of L-arganine as a supplement is still in the early stages of research.


  • L-arganine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by the kidneys. L-arganine aids in the production of nitric oxide, creatine, L-proline and L-glutamate. L-arganine also functions to rid the body of ammonia, a naturally occurring waste product. The primary benefits of L-argainine lie in its ability to relieve health problems that require the relaxation of blood vessels. By the same principle, L-arganine can improve erectile dysfunction. L-arganine also helps in the formation of proteins that aid in the healing of wounds and infections.


  • L-arganine is produced naturally by the kidneys, but is also found in dairy products, most meats, soy, seafood, nuts and seeds. L-arganine can aid the body in a number of ways. By producing nitric oxide, L-arganine can increase blood flow and reduce and alleviate the hardening of arteries.


  • The production of nitric oxide by L-arganine serves to increase blood flow and improve the function of blood vessels, making it an important compound in protecting against heart disease. Increases in the levels of L-arganine also aid in healing severe injuries and burns, due to the depletion of arganine caused by these injuries. Recently, the benefits of L-arganine have been directed toward male sexual function. L-arganine is commonly included in male fertility products. L-arganine aids in the production and health of sperm. L-arganine is also proven to improve erectile quality by increasing the blood flow to the penis, allowing men to achieve and maintain an erection.


  • Many studies suggest L-argainine can have far reaching benefits for the proper candidates. However, the field of research with regard to L-arganine are still in the early stages. Hopeful promise is seen in the use of L-arganine to protect against heart disease, heal injuries and aid in male sexual reproduction. As always a medical professional should be consulted before taking L-arganine as a supplement.


  • Research shows L-arganine should not be used after suffering a heart attack. L-arganine also acts to increase levels of sugar and should be avoided by people suffering from diabetes. L-arganine can also complicate the symptoms of genital herpes. Another side effect of L-arganine is the increased production of stomach acids, which could lead to indigestion, heartburn and ulcer irritation. Women who are pregnant should not take L-arganine because research is not conclusive as to its side effects.

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