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There is no doubt that using the right word or words at the right time can significantly enhance a person's power and control in any given situation. So what words would be the right words to inspire your staff to aim for excellence in their performance rather than to just perform acceptably on any given day, at any given time, under any circumstances?


  • There are many words to select from when attempting to inspire excellence. All one has to do is to review a dictionary to find a huge variety. However, we've come to associate some very specific words with inspiring excellence in the area of job performance. Our focus will be on the following: inspiration, confidence, motivation, success, and rewards.


  • Inspiration in the work place is an essential tool to get consistent desired results. Inspire others by your behavior by offering inspiration in your words and actions. If you are asking your staff to give you results that are inspired and innovative, you have to be like the cheerleader at a football game. You have to cheer them on. You have to get out your megaphone and let them hear you as you tell them that you have confidence that they will be creative and inspired in their performance of whatever task you have given them to tackle. Teach others inspiration by being a great cheerleader, and eventually your staff will learn the cheers and may even inspire each other.


  • The function of being the inspirational cheerleader is to create motivation in those around you. Which employee will make efforts to excel on the job, the one who is trying to earn a project bonus or the one who knows that no matter how good a job they do on a project they will receive nothing more than a pat on the back? Now, a pat on the back is better than nothing, but people do tend to work better with real tangible sources of motivation. Both the word and the action pack power.


  • Theoretically, if the cheerleader does a great job of inspiring and motivating the staff, confidence is exhibited by members of the staff. Confidence is inspired in others by exhibiting confidence in your own behavior. If you project confidence, you will inspire confidence. Confidence inspires an attitude that oozes a strong and secure pattern of work. Listen to the difference between these two different versions of the same comment. "I am confident that our company will be able to meet your deadline"; versus, "I think that our company can probably meet your deadline." A confident attitude is contagious - being confident is likely to inspire confidence.


  • What are the potential results of using great power words and acting accordingly?

    Creating a success or two is one possibility. Everyone loves to hear that they are a success. They don't want to just know that they are successful at their work but that they are, in fact, a success. The carrot on the stick that you dangle in front of someone who needs to be more inspired to reach greater standards of performance is the word success. What better way is there to help create a success or two than to inspire them by pointing out that every person has the potential to be a great success in their chosen profession if they choose to apply themselves whole heartedly to their work. And last but not least, reward a job well done. Going the extra mile is never something a person regrets when she is rewarded at the end of the journey. Even if the reward is small, it is important to always acknowledge the effort that was put forth to reach the finish line. People have done extraordinary things just to receive a trophy with minimal value, not because of its intrinsic worth but because it acknowledges the effort and rewards it.

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