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A laundromat is the first choice for many who need to wash and dry their laundry. Whether you don't own a washer and dryer or it's broken--or maybe you're on vacation--a laundromat is sought after by a variety of people. Others may not have easy access to a washer or dryer where they live, such as apartment dwellers or college students.

The Facts

  • Laundromats are large buildings with many washing machines, dryers and folding tables.


  • Laundromats are ventilated facilities that house up to 100 or more washers and dryers in a variety of sizes, designs and capacities. There are extra-large capacity washers and dryers that can house double loads of laundry or large blankets and bedspreads. There are vending machines that house single uses of fabric softener and laundry detergent. Large rolling carts with hanging racks are also available in a laundromat so that laundry can immediately be hung to avoid creases and wrinkles.


  • The function of a laundromat is to provide a place for people to come and wash and dry their clothing. The laundromat is set up so that clothing can be wheeled in on one of the metal baskets available. Laundry can then be sorted on large tables and counters that are set up and then placed into washers for the clothes to be washed. Dryers are nearby so that clothes can easily be transferred to be dried. After the clothes are dried, carts with clothing racks are utilized to keep clothes pressed. Counters can also be utilized for folding and putting clothes into laundry baskets. Most washers and dryers require change in order to start; change machines are usually available to be able switch dollars into coins.


  • The benefits of using a laundromat are that multiple loads of laundry can be completed at once, saving time and making people's schedules more efficient. For heavy loads such as curtains and comforter sets, commercial-sized washers and dryers are a viable way for someone to clean dirty items in a fraction of the time. Commercialized washers and dryers often have a variety of different settings that otherwise wouldn't be made available in many standard home models.


  • The effects of getting laundry washed and dried at a laundromat is that clothes come out clean and looking great in a short amount of time.


  • Laundromats have changed since the 1960s, when they first became popular. Now there are more high-tech machines that are able to cut time and save money. Many high-tech machines wash and dry the clothing in half the time of residential washers and dryers, making customers more attracted to utilizing a laundromat to clean their items. Some laundromats are attached to cafes, where web surfing and coffee drinking pass the time while waiting on the machines.

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